30 november 2012

A white friday

Right now is Stockholm covered with a thick white blanket, so beautiful
and it sure light up the city! Have a amazing day! 

pics via: my pinterest

29 november 2012


You can find so many different shapes, materials, colors out there! I try to 
get inspired every single day, you might even see something beautiful out 
there right now! Well I am, right now I'm looking at all the crispy white roofs 
- hello snow! 

Have a amazing, snowy day! 

pics via: my pinterest

28 november 2012

I'm back!

I just got back from a sunny LA to a grey and rainy Stockholm! But that dosen't stop me of getting inspired, I can just look at some beautiful 
colorful pictures and dream back. Tuns of work but oh oh oh oh so fun 
and instructive, and the team - I can only say wow wow wow! 

Ps. I know that I been bad of updating here but I promise you that I'm 
back with my regular rutins! 

pics via: my pinterest

20 november 2012


Just got back to the hotel, and our first day of prep is done! A lot lot lot of work but so so so much fun and inspiring! By the way - the weather is amazing!

Hey, don't forget to follow me on Instagram (amarodriguez). I promise, you will see more of my adventure there. 

pics via: my pinterest

17 november 2012


I'm off to Los Angeles for 10 days of work with the best Saša Antić, and I 
couldn't ask for a better person! I'm so excited, but of course a bit nervous 
as well! I'll promise to give you a lot of updates, especially by Instagram, 
so follow me there if you want to follow my adventure - amarodriguez. 

pics via: my pinterest

16 november 2012

Hello you Friday

It's friday! Which means - be creative, get inspired and live as there is no 
tomorrow! Cheesy but so true!!

pics via: my pinterest

15 november 2012


Cos is one of my favorite Swedish brands, they really deliver chic and 
stunning design. And here is just  s o m e  of my favorites!