31 oktober 2012

Let's hide

Sometimes you just want to hide from everything, just disappear for a while..

pics via: my pinterest

29 oktober 2012

Tablo Table

I'm so in love with Normann Copenhagen's Tablo Table, so cool and simple! 
It's available in two sizes and five different colors and I can't decide if I want 
the grey or the white one. You can buy it on Normann Copenhagen's website

27 oktober 2012

Magical night

This time of the day - when everyone is out or a sleep, I'm a wake in my 
apartment and having a magical time with my music and pictures - it's the
most inspirational hours.. Even though I'm so tired I just want to be up all night and be with myself, with no one bothering me. 

pics via: my pinterest

26 oktober 2012


It's officially winter now - this morning I woke up with snow outside - crazy!

It's already F R I D A Y  - have the best day!

pics via: my pinterest

25 oktober 2012

23 oktober 2012

Mia E Göransson


Breathtaking work by so so so talented Mia E Göransson. went to Konsthantverkarna yesterday for some inspiration and while I was walking around in the shop I saw that Mia E Göransson had an exhibition there and it just blowed my mind, so so so beautiful. 

If you live or visit Stockholm you just  h a v e  to see it! Absolutely amazing.

21 oktober 2012

Sunday moods

Just another grey autumn sunday and today I feel for these soft, mysterious images. 

pics via: my pinterest and the last one styled by: Sasa Antic

19 oktober 2012


Guess what?! It's a grey and rainy day today! But it's  f r i d a y  so 
I don't care if it's grey and cold. I mean grey can also be amazing, just 
look at these beauty's!

Have a amazing day! 

Pics: 1, 4 styled by so so so talented Sasa Antic & the rest is from my pinterest