30 september 2012

Today I want..

..Tuns of Clippers detox tea, an Eco indian throw blanket, four beautiful
Eames Knoll chairs would be nice, a pair of Fable leggings for the tiny ones, 
a bunch of pink magical peony's and of course a bowl full of homemade donuts! 

What do you feel for today?

29 september 2012

Just wear it.


I am in love with every single detail. Grey, black and a hint of light yellow 
is just perfection. 

If you want to know more where the clothes are from, just click here.

28 september 2012

It's friday

Oh my, it's already friday and on monday it's already october, the fall is really here now - I can feel it, I can smell it. So today I feel for a lot of greyness and a bit of browness as well. 

Have the best weekend! 

pics via: my pinterest

26 september 2012

Hair hair hair

I just love to look throw my H A I R board on Pinterest, so much inspiration. 
Maybe it's time for a haircut ! 

25 september 2012

A touch of black and white

So freakin' amazing photos, love every single d e t a i l ! I would like to 
make a picture wall in my apartment of these beauty's ! 

pics via: my pinterest

The beauty of brown

I usually don't post dark inspiration photos but today I really feel for these 
beauty's. Especially when it's the same color outside. Dark and rough but 
at the same time soft and beautiful. 

Have a lovely day! 

pics via: my pinterest

23 september 2012

When concrete meets fabric

Yep - they truly love each other. I l o v e the rough concrete with the soft 
fabric, such a beautiful combination. 

Got to run, now it's time for T H E photo shoot and I'm so so excited. 

pics via: my pinterest