30 juni 2012

I want

I'm in love with this concrete usb-stick, designed by Kix Berlin, it's so 
raw but also so simple and beautiful. It would fit my computer perfectly! 

You can buy it on the cool website Aus Berlin for 40 euros. 

29 juni 2012

Some late friday moods

These moods will be the end of this friday. Sleep tight. 

pics via: my pinterest

My business card

My first business card is now ready to use! I'm so happy how it turned out. 
It's simple and clean but with a twist, just how I like it. Thank you so much 
Julia for helping me with the design and thank you so so so so much Digaloo 
for printing the card! 

Just click on the pictures to get it bigger. 

Photo: Amanda Rodriguez

It's friday!

Oh my, it's friday already. The week has gone so fast - nice in a way but I 
would like the summer to stay for a long time! 

Well well, the photoshoot yesterday went great, I'm so happy with the result. 
I wish I could show you the pictures, but that have to wait. I can tell you one 
thing though - the work I did is for an upcoming German interior/fashion magazine called Flair, which soon will come out with an website where I will be one of the contributors. So stay tuned! 

Have a lovely friday! 

pics via: my pinterest

27 juni 2012

My next project

Right now I'm preparing for tomorrows photoshoot! As you can 
see above it's going to be three different theme's. Love love love 
moodboards! I can tell you more about it in august... 

Pics via: my pinterest

26 juni 2012

Late tuesday mood

We are so fragile. Be kind to yourself.

pics via: my pinterest

Simple Instagrams

Here is some of my latest Instagrams - simple and soft, just how I like it. 

What a day, rain rain rain! I'm so sick of this grey weather. Next week I'm 
off to Dalarna for some vacation time and I'm praying for some sun! How is 
the weather for you guys? 

Photos by: Amanda Rodriguez via my Instagram - amarodriguez 

25 juni 2012

Pinterest addiction

Right now I have a strong Pinterest addiction, I just can't stop pinning! 
I get so inspired of all the beautiful boards out there, so here is some of 
my favorite boards right now! Enjoy! 

Monica Lindblad - Poetry
Stefania Mancini - Packaging 
Holmberg - Grey
Pella Hedeby - Details
Sinja Bloeme - Project Shapes

pics via: my pinterest

24 juni 2012

Fb & Instagram

Hey, if you want to be updated with all the juicy posts from my blog just 
follow me on Facebook - Amanda Rodriguez Interior or/and if you want 
to see more of my daily life, just follow me on Instagram - amarodriguez


Design Julia Ahl 
Styling Amanda Rodriguez 
Photographer Pierre Wester

My white kitchen

Here is the result of my new painted kitchen. I tried to photograph the whole 
kitchen in one picture, but it only looked crooked and weird! So after a few 
frustrating minutes I decided to photograph some details instead, which turned
out pretty nice, or what do you think?

Photo: Amanda Rodriguez

23 juni 2012

Lazy day

What a lazy day, I've been in bed all day with candy and movies - hey, 
it's the day after midsummer and it's been raining all day, so I have no guilt. 

I hope you had a lovely friday! 

pics via: my pinterest

22 juni 2012

Happy midsummer

It's midsummer here in Sweden, so I'm soon on my way to Värmdö, 
where I will enjoy the day with some friends, eat a lot of salmon and sill, 
play some outdoor games and just enjoy the summer. 

Have a beautiful day everyone! 

pics via: my pinterest