31 maj 2012

Tumblr Love - Rain of Inspiration

I have to share my new tumblr love - rain of inspiration. The girl who 
runs the tumblr is Julia and she makes the most beautiful collage of 
pictures, it's so poetic and raw. Every time I go in there it feels like I'm 
in a surrealistic dream. So, if you want to put all of your real life thoughts 
aside, you should go in and dream away on rain of inspiration. Enjoy! 

pics via: rain of inspiration

Fotografiska - Sally Mann

One of my favorite photographers - Sally Mann is now showing her work 
on Fotografiska here in Stockholm. But that is not all - she is also here in 
Stockholm for the Photography Week and on saturday she will have a one 
hour talk and then a book signing. Guess if I'm going?! Her work will be shown 
on Fotografiska from tomorrow to september, so if you have time - go! 

Photo: Sally Mann

Blog challenge

Lovely Sofie on room by sofie is right now having a litte challenge for us 
blogers - 'showing your favorite item from home'. I showed you this picture 
beforebut I just couldn't think of something else - this pictures really showes 
three of my favorite things from my home. Like this cute little lamp Väte from 
Ikea, and my bedtable built with all of favorite magazines and of course my 
comfy, grey sheets, also from Ikea

Photo: Amanda Rodriguez

30 maj 2012

Fashion for the tiny ones

Ok, I'm obsessed with baby clothes right now, there are so many cute 
babybrands out there! It's not time for me yet though, but hey, that dosen't 
mean that I can't look, right?! 

via: 1. oh my kids 2. bkids 3. zara baby 4. etsy 5. blissfulb 6. cos 7. wee textile 8. buisjese & beugels 9. mini rodini

29 maj 2012

A touch of grey

What happend?! The summer weather here in Stockholm just totally disappeared, the sky is now grey and it's freezing outside. Well well, you just have to like it. But the grey color is never wrong in interior 
though, so here is some grey inspirations. Enjoy!

via: 5. saša antić 10. ett hörn av eden the rest is from: my pinterest

28 maj 2012

My lovely bowl

Some details photos of my japanese bowl, I'm in love. 

Photo: Amanda Rodriguez

We need more of the softness

Right now I'm so into soft, beautiful, natural colors, I just love the harmony 
in every picture. I hope this post gave you a nice start of the week. 

Happy Monday.

pics via: my pinterest

27 maj 2012

Insta weekend

I really enjoyed these couple of days. The week ended with some exciting 
workdays with talented Tina Hellberg, then off to a beautiful weekend with 
lot of sun and strawberrys! And if you want to see more of my daily life, just 
follow me on Instagram - amarodriguez. I hope you guys had a great weekend! 

Photo: Amanda Rodriguez